Who we are

Global Coordinator
Sara McHattie

Sara McHattie joined the Food Security Information Network Secretariat in June 2022 as Global Coordinator. She has worked for over twenty years in the humanitarian and development sector with Oxfam GB, DG ECHO, WFP and FAO in over a dozen countries, at the field, regional and global levels. Her experience extends across food security, cash programming, social protection and response analysis. She is a strong believer that good data, analysis and strong partnerships lead to better assistance for vulnerable populations around the world.

Technical Team

The Technical Team is the backbone of FSIN, responsible for collecting, processing, and analyzing data related to food security, nutrition and displacement. The team is committed to ensuring data accuracy, reliability, and consistency, laying the foundation for informed decision-making by policymakers and stakeholders. The Technical Team plays a pivotal role in translating raw data into actionable information, supporting global efforts to combat food insecurity and malnutrition.


Technical Coordinator
Federica Carfagna

Federica Carfagna joined the FSIN in December 2022 as Technical Coordinator. Prior to joining FSIN, she worked as Statistician for African Risk Capacity parametric insurance for over ten years. She also worked in WFP as data analyst for the School Feeding division, for the Statistics division of UN-DESA in New York, IFAD and Rome City Hall.
Federica holds a master’s degree in Statistics from the University of Rome, “La Sapienza,” and studied at the Cass Business School in London. She is now pursuing a second degree in Psychology.

Food Security and Nutrition Analyst
Carlos Estévez

As a Food Security and Nutrition Analyst at FSIN, Carlos Estévez is responsible for developing analytical and technical outputs for the GRFC and its suite of products. Previously, he worked as an Economist at the GIEWS in FAO for over five years. Prior to this role, for over 6 years Carlos worked as a development professional in Colombia, collaborating with the academia, the public and private sectors, in social and economic programs and in direct contact with ethnic, rural and urban communities.

Food Security and Nutrition Analyst
Emily Olsson

Emily joined the Food Security Information Network in November 2021 as a Food Security and Nutrition Analyst. She has worked with think tanks, FAO and the World Bank on a variety of projects related to natural resource management, agriculture and climate change adaptation and resilience. She holds a master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and is currently pursuing a PhD focused on circular urban food systems at the University of Oxford.

Data Analyst
Maria Paola Guerra

Maria Paola joined the FSIN Secretariat in November 2022 as Data Analyst. Her responsibilities include conducting data analysis for FSIN publications, maintaining up-to-date databases, and facilitating information accessibility. Prior to joining the FSIN, Maria Paola did an internship at FAO, where she contributed to the Global Report on Food Crises and joint WFP/FAO food insecurity analyses. Maria Paola holds an MSc in Business Administration from Tor Vergata University and recently completed her Master's in Human Development and Food Security at Roma Tre.

Communications Team

The Communications Team is committed to making FSIN's valuable information accessible to a wide audience. This team is dedicated to the timely dissemination of reports, publications, and data to governments, non-governmental organizations, researchers, and the public. Through various communication channels, including the FSIN website, social media, and strategic partnerships, the Communications Team ensures that the insights and findings reach those who need them. They work to enhance the network's visibility and engagement, fostering a global community of stakeholders committed to food security.


giulio f
Communications Officer
Giulio Fabris

Giulio joined the FSIN as Communication Officer in January 2023. He worked in communications for development with NGOs in Latin America, the European Commission, the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development in Cuba and Colombia and the UNDP Pacific Office in Fiji. Giulio is passionate about the environment and climate change, as well as working with communities to promote inclusive development at the ground level. He strongly believes in communications and information sharing as key to sustainable development and informed decision-making.

Editorial Team

The Editorial Team is responsible for crafting compelling narratives and visually engaging content that effectively conveys the mission and findings of FSIN. They transform data and analysis into accessible and informative reports, infographics, and multimedia presentations. With a keen eye for detail, the Editorial Team ensures that FSIN's publications are not only informative and accessible but also visually appealing. Their work amplifies the impact of FSIN's research and analysis, contributing to a broader understanding of food security and nutrition worldwide.


Lead Editor
Katherine Williams

Katy Williams has been the editor of the GRFC since its second edition in 2018. She has been writing and editing food security analyses for WFP since 2010. Before that she worked as a business journalist in London as well as on newspapers in Uganda and Nepal. She lives on a smallholding in the New Forest in the UK where she also teaches yoga and sea swims year-round.

Lead Graphic Design
Lynn Clark

Lynn Clark is a UK-based graphic designer. She joined the FSIN team in February 2019 to work on the Global Report on Food Crises and has worked on all the FSIN publications since. Prior to joining FSIN, she was one half of London design partnership Aplin Clark, specialising in graphic design work for charities and NGOs. She lives with her family and her dog in the south of England.