A Joint Webinar on Good Practice and Knowledge Exchange Initiatives.
Co-organized by African Union Commission and WFP - Regional Centre of Excellence against Hunger and Malnutrition and China Centre of Excellence

02 September 2020

Few times in recent history have we needed food systems data for decision making more, and yet the COVID-19 crisis has raised barriers to collecting this data for many. Join this IFIAD webinar series webinar as we hear from the people who are finding a way forward on addressing key information gaps in food systems research under COVID-19 restrictions.

08 July 2020

From contexts of emergencies to times of peace, markets are pivotal in helping farmers access seed. In this webinar, panelists will present lessons from two reviews of market-led emergency seed interventions, analyzing both the supply and demand side.

01 July 2020

This virtual seminar series is co-hosted by the Space Enabled Research Group and the Secure World Foundation and aims to engage a multi-sector audience in discussions on how space technologies and geospatial applications contribute to better outcomes in critical fields around the world, such as energy, food security, poverty and governance.

24 June 2020